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Archive for July, 2008

The Underdog Theorem – A Review

How to pick a winner against the spread? Well, The Guru is a firm believer in the contrarian approach. Any system based on underdogs must have some substance. Still, there is more to successful sports betting than bet underdogs on autopilot. Money Management is Key! Mr. Eddie Getz has done a fine job compiling data […]

About the Underdog Theorem

Before addressing progressive betting or martingale, first some background. The Underdog Theorem is ultimately about a new idea. The book quite thoroughly explains the idea to the reader (showing 15 years of results), then the reader is free to use the idea as it stands, modify the idea if he thinks he can improve it, […]

The Underdog Theorem

A new interesting sports betting book hit the shelves last spring. The author, Mr Eddie Getz has promised to tell us a little about the book. The Guru will of course write a review as soon as possible! [ viagra effects on women | is pfizer viagra available in india | low cost cialis | viagra […]

Study Buddy?

Grumpy old geezer looking for a Study Buddy I have no clear picture of what this would be like but a few suggestions are: playing slow games using ICC on a regular basis discussing/analyzing games discussing chess books My training regime looks as follows: “semi daily” 30-60 minutes training sessions mainly focused on Tactics  My goal […]