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Archive for July, 2007

NFL Total wins 2007-08

Folks, I think I have found two yummi contrarian bets. It is a bit boring with season long bets but I think there is decent value.   NE Pats UNDER 11.5 wins/+103 (pinny) OAK Raiders OVER 5.0 wins/-119 (pinny)   What?? Has the Guru lost his mind?? Maybe, but there is some logic to the […]

MLB Tuesday

Two stinky-stinky dogs:   SF +118 KC +225 [ viagra and alcohol | viagra deaths | search herbal viagra | viagra mexico | viagra chemical structure | buy cialis doctor online | cialis fast delivery usa | viagra best price in europe | discount generic viagra | spain female viagra | viagra information | viagra […]

MLB Betting in a Minute

Home Dogs are a fine Betting Tradition but BettingJoe has caught up with the idea and most of the Home Dog Vaule is gone in MLB.   All Home Dogs: 2004 -7u 2005 +8u 2006 +44u 2007 -6u   However if you aim for a certain subgroup of Home Dogs the results improve:   Subgroup […]

NFL 2007-08

Det börjar dra ihop sig till Preseason. Farbror the Guru ligger i hårdträning. Watch Out! NFL is just around the corner. Farbror the Guru is getting ready to solve the riddle. [ order viagra | viagra for women in india | best price for generic cialis | effects of viagra | find viagra online […]